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August 23, 2021

Landlord accused of releasing scorpions into apt. building

I once had a landlord whose only fault was talking too much.

610522_scorpion She was a kind, old lady, but you couldn’t ask for a copy of your rent receipts without getting 40 minutes on how the city knocked down your branches when they were fixing the hydro lines and how their customer service line is a nightmare for your rotary phone.

But what she never did, no matter her intentions unbeknownst to me, was this.

She never released live scorpions into my apartment in a bid to get me to leave.

What’s that, you say? Live scorpions? Yes, allegedly, that’s what passes for landlord misconduct in China, where one particularly surly property owner has been accused or letting “several thousand” of the arachnids loose in a building.

*Bing: What are your rights as a renter in Canada?

According to ShanghaiDaily.com, the landlord is trying to force residents out of the building so it can be torn down to make way for a new construction project.

From the news report:

“A resident surnamed Chen woke up early Monday morning and discovered a scorpion crawling on his body. Chen turned on the light and was astonished to see the bedroom full of scorpions, which have a poisonous sting … Chen woke up his family and together they captured several hundred scorpions in his apartment.”

Suspicions initially arose about the landlord when a man was spotted pouring a bucket with unidentified contents into windows of the building. A female witness, according to Shanghai Daily, said the street near where the man was seen was later crawling with scorpions.

Certainly, such a story, however it may truly be, is uniquely Chinese (you might see cockroaches in a bummy residence here, not poisonous scorpions). But that’s not all that signifies this tale as a gem from the Far East.

Even the landlord’s development company’s denial is wonderfully Chinese – articulate and thoughtful in its prose.

“The move was too despicable,” a manager said in rebuffing the scorpion claims. “We wouldn’t lift a stone only to have our own toes squashed.”

Tell us: if not releasing scorpions into your bed, what’s the worst a landlord has ever treated you?

By Jason Buckland, MSN Money 



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