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December 03, 2021

What is Canada's least stressful job?

If you asked a random sample of Canadians what the least stressful job in the country is, you’d get no answer.

951860_stress_v_2 Why? Because everyone thinks their  job is the most stressful. It’s like a Canadian rite of passage – why have a job unless you can complain about it? (Same goes for going to school, or getting married.)

In any case, we spend so much time wondering what the most stressful job is, why not pose a question to the contrary here: what is the least stressful job in Canada?

Certainly, this wouldn’t be an exact science. Why would your job be more stressful than mine? And isn’t stress relative? What if Joe is able to compartmentalize his work as a police officer better than Betsy, an advertising executive?

Still, there are people that have tried. recently commissioned a survey of a field of positions, wondering what percentage of workers suggest the job is low stress.

Their top 10:

1) Biomedical Engineer (70 per cent say it’s low stress)
2) Transportation Engineer (69 per cent)
3) Statistician (64 per cent)
4) Web Developer (58 per cent)
5) Geographic Information Systems Analyst (55.6 per cent)
6) Technical Writer (55 per cent)
7) Test Software Development Engineer (54 per cent)
8) Marketing Consultant (53.5 per cent)
9) Civil Engineer (53.3 per cent)
10) Optometrist (53.1 per cent)

You’ll notice that the word “engineer” seems to pop up a lot on that list, for reasons we’re not quite sure of. What do you make of this list? What would you add? What would you take away?

What do you think is Canada’s least stressful job?

By Jason Buckland, MSN Money



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