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May 06, 2021

Cougars and the 'booming' 45-plus lingerie market

We’d credit Courteney Cox for this, but let’s be honest: no one watches Cougar Town.

666127_snow_flake Yes, as the Sex and the City sequel nears this month, aging women the world over appear to mimicking the style of Carrie, Samantha, George and Ringo, buying up lingerie at a pace not seen before.

And according to the U.K.’s Daily Mail, “booming sales” of undies, panties, teddies and thongs are highlighting a new movement that’s proving quite lucrative for retailers …

… the Cougar Effect.

“Women in their forties are being touted as the new twenties, and lingerie designers are stepping up to the mark to feed this demand,” said a buyer for a major U.K. department store.

“We definitely expect the market to continue to grow in the future.”

Indeed, it appears no coincidence that the rise in lingerie sales has come in conjunction with the popularity of Sex and the City  and its lesser-successful, homage shows – Cougar Town  and Lipstick Jungle.

Because, this whole cougar thing is actually a legitimate movement, and – more importantly – something retailers feel they can quantify into a firm business model.

Marks & Spencer is just one department store aiming its lingerie selection toward a 45-plus market; well-to-do women that have dispensable cash, making them a more sought-after demographic than girls in their twenties and thirties.

“Positive female role models in this age group, such as the women in Sex and the City, are giving the women confidence to splash out on themselves,” said the buyer.

If this wasn’t enough, the Daily Mail story also quotes a report on the friskiness of aging women these days.

The paper notes that “today’s 40-year-old women enjoy much more active sex lives than those of previous generations. More than half had more orgasms … now than 20 years ago.” Or, as those results are more commonly known to anyone with a mother in that age group, “Please throw a pot of boiling water on my face.”

By Jason Buckland, MSN Money



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