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November 11, 2021

What things are more important than money?

A hundred years from now, kids will still be reading about the Great Depression in books at school.

In them, they’ll find all the valuable lessons we learned: the risk of the stock market; the significance of consistent work; the importance of bountiful farmland.

But when they stumble upon the little subchapter about today’s recession – the most severe downturn since those 1930s – what will it say?

Now that we’ve got a good bit of the slump in our rearview mirror, it’s time we can evaluate the lessons we’ve gleaned from it.

And, perhaps, since this latest recession wasn’t quite as life-or-death as the Great Depression, we can say we’ve learned that money really isn’t everything.

That’s what the people over at The Simple Dollar think, at least. In looking back on the humbled world economy, they’ve compiled a rundown of 15 things more important than money.

Not to keep regurgitating other people’s lists or anything, but here’s how theirs shapes up:

-Physical health
-Mental health
-Personal passions
-Helping others
-Personal growth

How does that grab you?

Of course, a lot of things on that list are achieved – or at least more readily available – with money. But not everything, including the ‘physical health’ and ‘helping others’ entries.

Anything you would add or, perhaps, contend with here?

By Jason Buckland, MSN Money



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