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March 19, 2022

Madoff beat up in prison ... does anyone feel bad?

What’s that they say about karma? It’s a (blank) … something with a ‘B’, right?

Indeed, the hits keep on coming for everyone's favourite pariah, Bernie Madoff, who can’t stop making headlines despite his current 150-year vacation in a North Carolina state prison.

On a day when the debut of March Madness featured a buzzer beater upset and no short supply of thrilling finishes, it was a report in Thursday’s Wall Street Journal about the disgraced financier that had many people talking.

According to the story, Madoff was viciously beaten inside his federal prison last December by a “beefy man” who used to be a body builder and hold a Judo black belt.

“The dispute centred on money the assailant thought he was owed by Mr. Madoff,” the article reads, noting one inside source alleged Madoff was treated for a broken nose, fractured ribs and cuts to his head/face after the assault.

Of course, no details of the beat-down can be 100% verified – the local Bureau of Prisons denied it took place, inmates admit the attack happened but only under a cloak of anonymity and Madoff’s lawyer says his client’s trip to the jail medical ward was simply for “high blood pressure and heart palpitations” – though maybe such authentication is beside the point here.

If we presume the assault is a hoax, one question stands out: wouldn’t some people wish something like this on the 71-year-old Ponzi king?

Probably, which raises the second query on the topic: if it did happen, would anyone feel bad for the guy?

Let’s go back over the facts here. Seventy-one-year old banker gets pummelled by young, fit martial arts beefcake. Old man, already paranoid for bilking $65 billion from investors worldwide, has to live the rest of his days apart from his family and constantly looking over his shoulder.

Come on, we live in a forgiving society! Someone, somewhere has to empathize with Bernie, don’t they?

Let’s turn this thing over to two readers of the New York Daily News, who’ll surely offer an unfiltered take on what would (and should) happen to Madoff in prison:

“Aint (sic) no justice like prison justice,” writes robkinnjusa.

“I knew that his fellow inmates would take care of this POS,” adds melloca. “He better not drop the soap next time.”

Well, then!

By Jason Buckland, MSN Money



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