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May 11, 2021

New passport rules punch Canadian tourism in the gut

By Jason Buckland, Sympatico / MSN Finance

By the end of the season, people might be wondering what the least successful tourist locales were this summer – Mexico City, Fallujah, or the Rogers Centre once the Jays’ bats inevitably cool off.

Yet the rest of Canada, thanks to some well-intentioned bureaucracy, could soon become a nominee, as well.

Starting June 1, new American passport laws will take effect and make the trip across the Canada-U.S. border a little more dicey.

And, as the Toronto Star reports, that’s going to have a big time impact on the amount of tourism bucks the Canadian economy can count on this year.

When the little-promoted June deadline hits, all Canadians over 19 visiting the U.S. will need a passport or other enhanced pieces of ID or they won’t be allowed to make the trip.

(Examples of an enhanced ID include the new Ontario driver’s license – which costs $115: $40, plus the usual $75 renewal fee – though they don’t look like they’ll be ready by June 1 and cost a bit more than the $87 adult passport fee.)

While this, of course, sends Canadians scrambling to passport offices with last-minute applications, the real issue is that Americans will need a passport, too, when coming into Canada.

Problem is, only about 30% of them even have the document.

So it’s with considerable understanding that Canadian tourism officials are spooked by this trend.

As the Star muses, the timing of the passport deadline relative to the swine flu outbreak also makes matters significantly worse.

With the recession biting families in middle-class America, where else are vacationing Yanks likely to turn aside from Canada when Mexico is out of the picture?

And how many prospective dollars to stimulate our economy are we going to miss out on because of these new sanctions? Probably more than we’d like.



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