News you can no longer afford to ignore

Time was we could all afford to yawn or change the topic when we heard such news as the federal finance minister is meeting with his provincial counterparts in Saskatoon. The economy being what it is, however, we no longer have the luxury of plugging our ears and humming: these are pre-budget consultations which have a direct and immediate bearing on our respective bottom lines - not to mention the political and economic consequences that hang in the balance. The provinces are in dire need and are pushing for the federal government - which most of them were actively dissing up until a couple of months ago - to push forward with big-ticket infrastructure projects to kickstart the economy. That's supposed to be the golden bullet that will create jobs and, of course, get tax revenues rolling into government coffers once again. The catch is that many of these projects were supposed to be public-private sector partnerships (known as Three Ps in certain circles) and the private money isn't really there anymore. On the political front, if Finance Minister Jim Flaherty doesn't get it right, the Opposition will defeat his January budget and send us all back into political purgatory - wasting even more time at such a critical juncture. So stay tuned: who knew Saskatoon could be such a hot spot in

Rock the Vote

In the aftermath of the recent federal election, there’s been a lot of musing and muttering 6 about the low voter turnout – especially among young Canadians. A couple of points worth considering for context: 1. In the U.S., for all the wholesale nfl jerseys fuss about how Obama inspired a nation, only 52 per cent of Americans voted. Roughly the same number that voted Nihilne for Richard Aside Nixon. 2. For young people who grew up in wholesale jerseys the 1990s, it’s no surprise that political is engagement doesn’t really happen. They came of age Wholesale Miami Dolphins Jerseys at a time when big government was aggressively downsizing and withdrawing from their lives. 3. A generation that’s Belgian grown up with instant access to a whole lot of different voices and Bright views, is less inclined to see the relevance of central authority that’s delineated along partisan political lines. Just