Money Saving Suggestions for Single Moms

No one goes into the parenting thing hoping to be single. Or if they do, hopefully they do so from an independently wealthy position. Children are quite costly and all the more so when you’re the only one paying for them. So how can you save money as a single mom?

We understand that prior to being in the single mom position you might have had some financial assistance. You might have even had a plethora of really nice things. Now, when you have to replace that beloved goose down comforter, you will be best served by reading reviews and comparing ads to shop for the cheapest version of that nicety. That’s not to say you can’t have one, you just need to plan accordingly. That’s where these suggestions will hopefully come in handy!

Money Saving Suggestions for Single Moms

7 Money Saving Tips for Single Moms

Taking care of your children all by yourself can really put a damper on your financial situation. In fact, in some instances it can make you feel completely overwhelmed and utterly broke. In order to avoid that sentiment, try following these 7 money saving tips:

  1. Network- You’re not the only mom struggling. Gather a group of other single moms together and determine the ways in which you can assist one another. People can be an invaluable resource especially if you can save money on babysitters by switching out with each other.
  2. Fuel Rewards- This is a great way to save money. With gas prices ever on the rise, utilizing a fuel rewards service is a marvelous penny pinching option. And speaking of pinching pennies, stop overlooking them. When you see one, pick it up and put it in a piggy bank. It will eventually add up too.
  3. Use eBay- There are sites that say you can literally save 80% by shopping on eBay. You don’t always have to get things brand new, and sometimes the weird China imports are just as good from eBay (and a heck of a lot cheaper) than they are when you buy from WalMart. Find out how to save money on eBay here.
  4. Community Resources- Suck up pride and use all resources that are available to you. They were put in place to assist you, are you really too good for the help? Free backpacks for school and presents at Christmas can really help you use your minimal funds to pay the bills.
  5. Pay on Time- Make sure you pay all your bills on time. Late fees can really eat up your bank account. There’s no reason to let them. Keep your bills listed on a calendar so you know when each one is due, and try to pay at least a little more than the minimum. You want to get out of debt, not get drowned in it.
  6. Plan for Groceries- If you plan your meals in advance you won’t run the risk of buying what you don’t need. Also, use every coupon you can and buy things in season when they cost less. And, don’t be afraid to employ the leftovers. There are some creative ways to use them here.
  7. Cleaning Supplies- You really can save money by making your own laundry detergent. Also, use baking soda and vinegar for your other cleaning needs. Cleaning products are hugely expensive and they’re mostly wretched chemicals anyway. Go natural and cheap!

If you need some additional ideas read this. Then you’ll really rest easy under that goose down comforter knowing you’ve saved money!